Mundri Mordinson

Mundri Mordinson


Str – 4 (0) To – 4 (4) Ag – 3 (3) Int – 3 (3) WP – 3 (0) Fel – 3 (3)

Wealth: (2) Skills: (1) Discipline (race), Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill Talents: (2) Tactic: Combat Alertness, Focus: I’ve Seen Worse Actions: (2): Melee: Sword & Board, Support: Combat Focus, Ranged: Extreme Shot Career Ability: Mercenary Race Ability: Children of Grungi (Discipline skill above)

  • 64sps
  • Hand Weapon – Axe
  • Dagger in a safe place
  • 2 Throwing Axes
  • Crossbow
  • 36 Bolts
  • Mail Shirt
  • Round Shield – extremely dented
  • Back pack w/
  • Spare change of pants and socks (odd)
  • Bottle of very expensive brandy – with marks on side of bottle so Mundri knows if you’ve been at his bottle!)
  • Cook Book, recipes have countless changes and amendments, book also has plenty of space for new dishes
  • Loose paper and writing materials
  • Silk Scarf (Gift from Sally, the widowed wife of his old best friend and campaigning partner who he had to inform of his death on his last campaign)
  • Recorder (Only just started teaching himself to play – Terrible would probably be flattering Mundri’s ability)
  • Countless herbs and spices and cooking utensils (including a cooking pan, a gift from his mother and his pride and joy)

Mundri has been around the block as a mercenary, fighting in various campaigns on behalf of the Empire. Although a handy fighter he is probably better known amongst his peers for his cooking ability. Constantly on the lookout for new dishes to add to his cookbook he hopes to have published when he has saved up the funds. He is still yet to find dishes that beat those of his mother, and he will quickly fall out with anyone who doesn’t agree.

However on his last campaign his long term soldiering partner Karl Rudison died and this has hit him hard. Although it wasn’t his fault he now feels a real responsibility towards Karl’s widow Sally Rudison and son Felix Mundri Rudison (Yes, Karl and Sally did name him after Mundri). Paying off all Karl’s old gambling debts with most of his savings, he now needs to seek employment to be able to both pay for his book to be printed and support Sally and Felix.

Mundri Mordinson

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